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Jeremy and Jennifer: Wedding

October 11, 2012
Jeremy and Jennifer got married!

These two are an amazing couple who dreamt of their wedding day, as a day about love and family. They decided on a two-day celebration, with day one including immediate family for their ceremony. It has been very hot in California lately, and an outdoor ceremony on a private horse property seemed perfect. The big day came and so did big big rain! In fact it poured like crazy, so last-minute they decided to take the ceremony indoors, and inside an amazing barn. That is exactly what I love about this couple, even on their big day, they now had to go to plan b at the very last second, and they showed no stress because they knew at the end of it they would be married and that was all that mattered. As you will be able to see, this is not your ordinary barn, this is an amazingly beautiful one, with plenty of horses that wanted to get in on the action. The barn doors were opened to show a gorgeous backdrop of green trees.

I have to give some major brownie points to Jennifer who grabbed an umbrella and rushed out into the pouring rain to get a glimpse of the giant rainbow outside.

After their ceremony was complete they enjoyed dinner with their family and the next day was a great reception with more family and lots of amazing friends.

 Congratulations Jeremy and Jennifer!