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Thousand Oaks Photographer: Lifestyle Maternity Session

This is Tricia and you may have seen a post a few years ago with her and her husband Micheal. Tricia and I had gone back and fourth for weeks about maternity photos and what she wanted. As every pregnant woman knows, you develop a love/hate relationship with your body depending on what stage of pregnancy your in. We started out with a huge plan for a foggy beach session, but as the weeks went on our plans changed and Tricia began to doubt if she wanted to do a session at all. I’ve been there, we have all been there and in the end I told her the truth, that she will never look back and think anything negative about herself when she was pregnant. I so deeply believe this, and I wish I had took the time to get more photos of myself when I was pregnant, for this reason I really want to encourage every woman to have maternity photos done. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, you don’t have to show your bare belly, you can tailor it to your needs. Most importantly I think that it is a gift you will later give your child, a beautiful portrait of yourself when you were pregnant with them.

In the end Tricia had a brilliant idea, it was Fall and she just wanted to be warm and cozy in her house with her husband and their pets. That is them, those are the moments she wants to remember. Before we knew it, the idea morphed into warm/cozy/beautiful/sexy/proud/boudoir session that would take place in her living room and bedroom. This is a very different play on a maternity session and I can not wait to do more like this.