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Thousand Oaks Birth Photographer: Welcome Baby Corbin

It was Superbowl Sunday 2013 and my best friend Cassie, had gone into labor with her first baby. It had been a wild year and a half for them, you will see their engagement, wedding and now birth all in that time. Hearing all those major life events together sounds so fast, but then you get to her labor day and it was a long one! I was so happy to be able to photograph everything, they arrived on a Sunday morning and I would pop in and take some photos and hang out and then I had to leave to photograph all my Valentine Mini Sessions, and as soon as I was finished I went back to the hospital to find no baby….

Soon Monday would come and I came back to the hospital. Cassie was amazing to say the least, she was set on an all natural birth and would manage to literally fall asleep in between contractions, I have never seen anything like it. Her mom and I would just look at each other as she would just doze right off and then be right back to a contraction. Hours and hours passed, included lots of photos of the clock to document the journey. By the time the evening came, it was clear that, that little baby was not coming not his own. I really am a fool for saying little, there was nothing little about him!

Soon it was decided that a c-section needed to be done, you can see a photo of her husband, Conner and I all suited up for the surgery (I am the short one happening not to have a camera in hand). If your a Disney Pixar fan then you will understand the “2319” written on the back of the gown 🙂

Within minutes Cassie and Conner welcomed their first baby. Please welcome

Corbin David

9 pounds 6 ounces

22 inches long


Corbin was welcomed with a packed waiting room, full of family members ready to Skype their first view with him.

It is now 2014, and Corbin has celebrated his 1st birthday (newborn and 1 yr photo posts to follow), and he is about to be a big brother!