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Santa Monica Pier Carousel : Bodhi Turns 3!

Bodhi is offically 3 years old and whats a better way to describe three then a 3 RING CIRCUS 🙂 Bodhi had a circus/carnival themed party so it was the perfect fit for this photo shoot!

JThis last photo is how I would sum up age 3 in just one photo 🙂 Granted he was devastated that his lolli pop fell in the dirt, but still THIS IS WHAT THREE LOOKS LIKE!


Those who know me well know I LOVE birthday parties and anything carnival related! My little guy Bodhi turned 3 in May, and I have waited 3 long years to give him a circus/carnival themed party. His bedroom is a vintage carnival theme so I used it as inspiration for his party. I spent a ridiculous amount of time planning and pinning every creative idea I could find on Pintrest. First I needed a fun venue and the Santa Monica Pier Carousel was just the right fit!