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Santa Mini Sessions: Thousand Oaks Santa Photographer

I love nothing more then a good theme and holiday and when I get to combine it into a mini session set, then I am in LOVE! I have had the idea of doing Santa sessions for the past few years, but I knew I would have to find the RIGHT Santa before I was going to give it a go. Then I came across Santa True and right away I knew he would be a perfect it. I knew the kids reactions would be hit or miss since we have all seen the classic terrified crying toddler on Santas lap. These Santa sessions needed to be extra special and I was lucky enough to get permission from the wonderful owners of Christmas Ranch Tree Farms, in Thousand Oaks to use their amazing property. Each child had a 15 minute per-scheduled time slot to visit with the big guy. They were able to show up a few minutes before their session time, so they did not have to wait in those mall lines we all dread! Then they walked through the trees to see Santa sitting on a bench surrounded by Christmas gifts and happily awaiting their arrival. They were greeted by Santa who exceeded my exceptions, I cannot say enough great things about Santa True. Some kids walked right up to Santa and sat down, while others looked at him and did not know what to think. Santa and I had a few tricks to get the kids to join in, I am happy to report there were very very few tears shed, and almost every kiddo sat with Santa. Since we wanted this to be a happy and positive experience for the kiddos, they did not have to sit on Santa’s lap if they didn’t want to, some sat next to him and for those few who really were un-sure, Santa was brilliant enough to pose behind the kids so I could still get a shot of them with Santa!
We had kids range from 2 weeks old to 8 years old, and lots of cousins joined in for some group photos! I will say nothing is better then Santa feeding a little newborn a bottle! The kids enjoyed singing Jingle Bells, eat cookies, and having stories read to them by Santa! This is definitely going to be an annual event here at Stephanie Gill Photography! The overall word everyone used was MAGICAL!

Thank you to Santa True
Christmas Ranch Tree Farm