Preparing for Bodhi…

The word obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe the process I went through to put together my dream nursery…I knew I wanted vintage circus (minus anything with lots of clowns on it) and I wanted it to be very personal… The first thing I found were two vintage circus posters from a local antique store. From there I knew the next place to look was my attic! My parents saved E V E R Y T H I N G, and I knew there were lots of goodies in there. Almost all of the old toys were either mine or my siblings, the stuffed animals in his crib were my favorites, I found a few things on ebay for super cheap, and even some vintage looking wooden toys in the dollar bins at target! The red shadow boxes are old drawers from my desk that I painted red and put hooks on the back. I knew I didn’t want a changing table, so I searched Craigslist for a long dresser and painted it. The clothes hanging on the wall were mine when I was baby, and both have circus logos on them, what are the odds? The banner over his crib I made in ten minutes…Living in California I knew I couldn’t put anything that might fall in an earthquake over his crib, so a banner was a perfect solution. The room wouldn’t be complete without some of my favorite photos, I took those over a year ago and didn’t know what I was going to do with them. I went ahead and used some Photoshop magic to give them a vintage feel and painted some old frames black to tie everything together…OK that’s enough talk about everything, now enough the photos and other blog posts presenting Mr. Bodhi.