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Patricia and Mike

 This session makes me so happy! When Patricia contacted me about doing a session with her husband Mike, we discussed some ideas and right away vintage inspired was a must! I read Patricia’s blog (check it out!) and I knew she loves cooking/baking, her husband, her dogs and anything that feels timeless and warm.

 We had some key words we kept throwing around, and settled with vintage inspired, timeless, orchards, film like feel, and fun!

The night before our session Patricia spent her night baking endless goodies! 🙂 Everything about this day was fantastic, from the pies (although they had a rough drive over), cookies, cupcakes and the dogs who enjoyed them all. Patricia and Mike have the most amazing chemistry, they were a little nervous at first but I didn’t want to guide them. I told them to just be themselves and enjoy their picnic and “they” would really shine through. I loved everything about them from the way they fed each other cupcakes, to the way read to each other and the looks they gave each other shows it all. This is a big post! I had more favorites than I have ever had before.