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May 9, 2011

Bodhi was born May 9, 2011 and I was lucky enough to have his birth photographed by a great photographer and friend Jen Harris. Jen captured EVERY moment perfectly and I can’t thank her enough, love you Jen!
As I was taken into the operating room for my c-section, I’m pretty sure I was crying like a baby at one point, telling the nurse about my disgust of belly buttons, wanting to pass out from the vibrating feeling of the epidural rushing through my body and all of the sudden my doctor is asking me what kind of music I listen to. WHAT?! UMM HELLO THIS ISNT A TIME FOR DISCUSSING MUSIC?… That’s what I was trying to say but I felt too drugged up for anything to come out of my mouth. I went blank and I had NO idea what kind of music I like…As I looked up I can see him flipping through his i-pod, I say something about Oldies, and how K-Earth 101 is always on in my car. He keeps asking what artists, my reply OLDIES. That’s as far as I could think, as were going back and fourth about this, one of my best friends whose been along for this whole pregnancy ride with me, Cassie, comes in. Followed by Jen, with 2 cameras in hand. Cassie yells “COUNTRY”, the doctor shoots her down right away with “NOOO”… Then one of us says something about Elton John…I have a deep love for Mr. Elton and I don’t know why I didn’t say it to begin with. Cassie tells the doctor to put on Bennie and the Jets, he doesn’t listen… And I must say I’m very happy he didn’t because he found the perfect Elton song…It was the perfect soundtrack to what was going on…if my life was a movie this would be the song that brings everyone to tears and makes the hairs on your arm stand up…the sounds of the nurses getting ready, the doctor talking, hearing the medical instruments, the song and finally a baby’s cry made for the most intense experience of my life 🙂