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Introducing Stephanie Gill Films!

I am very excited to be introducing FILMS into my photography sessions and events! We all know what its like to have a bunch of home videos that we never watch, and are filled with many random and awkward moments. Having a film made of your family, doing what they do best, BEING THEMSELVES in that moment is a fantastic new spin on the “home movie”. Think of it as a personal music video of your life.
The photography sessions will work the same as before, but I will be having my wonderful videographer Shannon O’Connor by my side. As I am capturing your wonderful family moments, Shannon will be near by capturing different angles and making film magic!
I will be offering the FAMILY FILMS add-on, at a very low introductory price. For only $250.00 you can purchase the film with your photography session. This price WILL go up after December 31, 2011. You can book your session for any time and lock in your price now! Please contact me more info.

And now to the goodies!! We had the pleasure of documenting the cutest family beach session recently. I put a status on Facebook looking for an outgoing family for a new business venture. I was so excited when this family contacted me, because I knew they were going to be a blast. From the second they drove up in their adorable van, I knew we were in for an awesome day.