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Happy New Year : Los Angeles Photographer

Happy New Year!!

This year for my holiday cards I knew I was going to have a really late start because this season was my busiest yet. Knowing that I would not be able to get cards out in time for Christmas, I went with a New Year theme again 😉 Really more just like a new year message then photo theme. Mr. Bodhi has just about every image you can imagine so I wanted to mix some classic and unique images just for myself. Our Holiday card can be seen at the bottom of this post, with some classic images.

Since I have done every time of photo session possible and he is only three, I wanted to take some really unique photos that I know I personally would think we awesome. I know they are not everyone go to for a little one. I really tend to love the blurred and grainy image style with him. I don’t know why, maybe because its the opposite of what I normally shoot for everyone else. I snapped one image by mistake and I really love it- go figure right?!