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Everyday Life: Bodhi

I take a photo everyday and when Bodhi was first-born I tried to take a “perfect” photo everyday, and then those turned into random snapshots and then those… well those turned into me being desperate to get one photo and sneaking in his room at 11:59 to get a blurry picture. JUST so I could say I took one everyday… Now I don’t stress about it so much, and I use my iphone to take daily photos when I don’t want to use my “fancy” one. I also have a huge addiction to the Instagram app… If you don’t have it, get it NOW 🙂 It’s a great way to keep track of the simple things in life and have a unique photo of those moments.

I wanted to make sure I document all the little moments. We all know I do a full photo session of Bodhi every month, but I want to remember his everyday life. The way he puts everything in his mouth, drools, crawls (now walks!), his fat hands and feet, the way his jelly belly hangs over his diaper. All the BABY things. I did this EVERYDAY LIFE series, last month, and so much has already changed with him. I will be sure to keep doing these every few months.

So now for the details on my EVERYDAY LIFE PROJECT! I want to document a simple hour out of as many people’s daily lives as possible. Yes I do offer full days of this, but I want to set a weekend aside just to do this with many people.

What you do in that hour is up to you, stay at home and play, bake, have a water balloon fight in your backyard, do arts and crafts, build legos and dress barbies, take a bath, go to the grocery store, picking your kids up from school, going to the park, bedtime routine, dinner, breakfast, taking your boyfriend out on a date, anything, JUST BEING YOU! Nothing staged, no poses, no group shots smiling at me, JUST BEING YOU!

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