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Bodhi Six Months

Happy Six Months to my Mr. Bodhi! I came across this hat online, and since I already had the bear rug, I knew that aView full post »

Bodhi 5 Months

Today Bodhi is 5 months old. He loves to roll around. Is attempting to sit up. Loves to eat baby food. And has theView full post »

Bodhi 4 Months

Bodhis 4 months already…he has rolled over a few times…he puts everything and anything in his mouth…View full post »

What I loved when I was 3….

These are my two of nieces…you will notice them often on the blog. And the one downside to always having an auntyView full post »

Bodhi 3 Months

I took these photos in my front yard, and when I looked up I noticed my other child was a tad upset, dramatic andView full post »