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A very fashionable kindergartner : Bodhi turns 6!

Every year I do a big session for Bodhi’s birthday were only at year 6 but we have used up a lot of ideas! Bodhis kindergartner year has been his love of fashion year…. Sometimes (usually) his idea of fashion is crazy and sometimes he nails it and totally gets it. He asked for a “fancy suit” for his photos, and he was going camping in the Mojave desert that same week so I came up with a kiddie high fashion idea 🙂 Something random and fun which explains him well! His suit is from Zara, aka his favorite store!! It can be tricky shooting in a new place and in full sun but that just meant I got to do things differently and be more creative. We also did a few video clips that I put together to remember the day.

Bodhi Fox turns 6! from Stephanie Gill on Vimeo.